Welcome to the
California Rescue Communications 40 Meter Net

The California Rescue Communications 40 Meter Net is also known as the Gordon West Net. We are an informal association of amateur radio operators who meet each weekday morning on 7.250 MHz from 8:30 AM till approximately 9:00 AM (PST). All amateur radio operators are invited to join us.

The purpose of the net is to provide emergency communicaions via the amateur ham bands during events that cause widespread disruption of normal communications, damage to property, loss of power, or other major disruptions.

Net Incident Activation

In Your Area

If an incident occurs in your area, first, work with your family and your home, and neighbors. Then on the next EVEN hour, come up on 7.250 MHz, and announce your call sign, and monitor for emergency traffic (outbound only).

Out Of Your Area

If the incident is not in your area, come up on 7.250 KHz on the next EVEN hour, and announce your call sign, and monitor for emergency traffic.

Member Resources

A password protected member area is provided for member resources. Members are encouraged to contact the webmaster to obtain the temporary username and password in use now. You can contact me at easyone@roadrunner.com for access.

Once you have your usename and password, you can access the members only area by clicking the members link above.

Becoming a Member:

We are a pretty informal group here, which makes joining the net pretty easy.

  • Simply join in when your QTH area is called by calling "contact", and checking in.
  • Once you've been checked in a few times your name will be added to the temporary roster and you will be called as part of the regular role call.
  • Your call-sign will be added on the next official roster update.
  • Once you're called on a regular basis, you can request access to the members only area of the site by contacting easyone@roadrunner.com.

Member Award:

We are pleased to announce that CRC40 member Tracy Lenocker has been recognized for his service to the community by the Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce. Read all about it here.